Advanced SEO Techniques to Boost your Ranking in Search Engine

If you want to gain more web traffic and a better ranking of your website, you need to depend more on search engine optimization. With the evolving technology, there is much more development that can be seen within SEO strategies. Nowadays, you can find many advanced SEO techniques which can help your website to improve its ranking and traffic to drive up your return on investments that you desire from SEO. Read on the below section to find more on what SEO techniques and tools you can use to boost your ranking in search engines. Have a look:

  • Optimize your both old and new contents

Most businesses are now using content marketing. Although it is easy to just keep creating new content to improve your content marketing strategy, your website can gain more opportunities also from upgrading the existing content first. You can use the SEO services to optimize the content which has received low traffic and conversions to make the most out of the old content. When you get the content back at the top ranks of SERPs, it would pay off the initial time and cost you have spent on it.

  • Develop a mobile friendly website

It is also helpful to prioritize your mobile site to improve your website’s mobile first indexing since most of the audiences use mobile phones. Mobile first index can have a significant effect on the SERPs ranking, and you do not even have to have a flawless mobile site.

When you have a desktop and mobile version of your website, the mobile version can be indexed and ranked accordingly as per the desktop version and make the site responsive. Moreover, studies show that more than 50 percent of internet traffic for a site comes from mobile devices, and 40 percent of online transactions are done through mobile devices.

  • Build an internal linking process

Whether you have a large or small website, it requires a smart internal linking process to optimize the website more. The Google crawler would roam through all your websites as it indexes all your pages. But if your website does not have any internal links, the Google crawler would stop on its tracking process without getting the opportunity to access your other important pages. You can get help from the SEO consultants to develop an internal linking process between your pages, which would help show Google crawler the relation between the pages and improve the pages’ rankings.

  • Optimize your website for speed

Every audience wants a fast online browsing experience, so search engines also rank optimized websites which have faster speed more. Thus, your websites and web pages also need to meet this requirement of the search engine to grow your competitive ranking in the search engine results. Although you attract traffic via other alternative channels, it is essential to give your audience a faster experience if they can leave your website and approach other competitive sites.

  • Target your keywords without features snippets

Featured snippets are important as it offers you great visibility to your searchers and boosts your brand recognition. However, not every business reap benefits from target keywords with featured snippets when they start losing the featured snippets, as studies say featured snippets only appear on 15 percent of searches as they take valuable traffic from other pages reducing the CTRs.

Thus, the new SEO technique now uses targeting keywords without any featured snippets. There are now many SEO packages available to protect websites from losing featured snippet traffic and focusing on involving target keywords without featured snippets.

  • Get Google to understand your site first

Yes, popular search engines like Google can read and index many file types; putting out essential information and content in textual form is the safest approach to help the SERPs understand your website, rather than using graphic content. In case you require non text content to add to the site, you can always use structured data to help your audience understand. You can get help from a professional SEO service provider to perform Google SEO and help you generate basic structured data for your website.

Since every other SEO strategies are different, they can optimize your content for various purposes. You might focus on boosting the speed of your page or improving your search engine optimization to increase your search engine ranking; you can use all the above SEO techniques to support your digital marketing strategies.

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